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In order to maintain their oral hygiene, it is imperative that we inculcate brushing habit in children early on. Mamaearth's Natural Toothpaste in yummy orange flavour will certainly get your child into brushing habit. This toothpaste, made with effective ingredients such as fluoride, xylitol and aloe vera, is free from harmful chemicals such as SLS, making it safe to use. Fluoride makes teeth more resistant to decay and cavities and helps in removing plaque, while aloe vera helps in keeping gum diseases, infections and oral cavities at bay. It also soothes gums of kids going through the phase of getting permanent teeth. Xylitol is a natural sweetener derived from plants. It does not break down like sugar, helping in keeping the pH of mouth neutral. Xylitol helps in preventing bacteria from sticking to the teeth and thus avoiding decay and cavities. The lip smacking orange flavour will make your child looking forward to his morning brushing ritual.


  • 100% natural formula: Mamaearth's specially formulated 100% natural toothpaste is formulated with high quality ingredients such as fluoride, xylitol and aloe vera and stevia for newly forming teeth and gums. Xylitol, a natural plant ingredient, protects the teeth from tooth decay and plaque formation while aloe vera gel relieves sore gums when the new teeth comes through
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums: It promotes dental and oral health. It gently cleanses teeth, removes plaque, reduces bacterial regrowth and provides maximum protection against cavities, yet being gentle on the delicate gums
  • Cleanses teeth perfectly: The unique formula of baby friendly toothpaste offers good dental and oral hygiene. It cleanses kids' teeth, reduces plaque formation and fights tooth decay without any unwanted chemicals or additives
  • Safe, if swallowed: It gives a subtle, natural foam without the use of SLS. This natural toothpaste is made without SLS, paraben, phthalates, and petrochemicals to bring you the safest children's toothpaste
  • Fruity flavour: Has a delicious orange flavour that appeals to your child's taste, helping them to develop an early habit of brushing their teeth after every meal
  • Certified toxin free: Mamaearth is Asia's first MadeSafe certified brand. All products from Mamaearth is free from harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)

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